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Power Hour

A little competition can spark movement, and recently in Indiana, Tonya Ott’s Power Hour Sales Competition started a firestorm of client appointments. Having done “dialing for dollar” competitions before, but Ott wanted this competition to focus on “securing appointments with prospects with greater emphasis and reward placed on landing appointments with our TOP 25 targets.” Here is how it worked.

The Prep-work – 20 mins
Prior to meeting together each rep needs to create a contact list of their Top 25 prospective clients. Have each rep bring these to the competition.

The Competition – 1 hour
Assigned each rep a different rooms so they all had privacy and tell them they have one hour to make as many phone calls to their Top 25 prospects as they can. The goal of the calls is to set an appointment with these potential clients to talk about “Why me, Why my company, Why now”. Cash rewards are given for 1) most calls, 2) most appointments, 3) highest conversion rate, 4) most orders during the hour. Hint: As part of the prep work have your reps rank their prospective clients from the biggest to the smallest in terms of production. Then start from the bottom of your list and work up. It might sound counter intuitive, but starting at the bottom of your list will give you a chance to hone your skills, your words, and your approach before you reach your top prospects.

The Results – Immediately following
Ott found that her team was responsive to not only the format, the focus, but also the competition. In one hour, Ott’s five sales reps made 89 calls, had 43 live conversations, which resulted in 22 appointments (a conversion rate of 53%)- not bad for an hour.

Do download the “Power Hour” call log sheet – click here. For questions this sales campaign contact Tonya Ott at Tonya.Ott@ctt.com


Listing Promoter

Sometimes you need a hook, something in your arsenal that will win the big deal when you need it most. Listing Promoter has provided to be that secret weapon for many of Lori Ashcraft’s clients; and helping her clients become familar with Listing Promoter and its potential has help Lori win the big deals as well.

Listing Promoter is an easy-to-use, Web-based tool that provides a real estate agent the opportunity to build a Web site for a client’s property, using the property address as the site’s URL (i.e. 123MapleStreet.com). Ashcraft has seen her clients win some of the biggest deals in her market by having a Listing Promoter site as part of their Listing Presentation. “My clients don’t use it on every deal,” said Ashcraft, “but when the client it right, and the agent is competing for a premium listing, Listing Promoter usually pushes sellers over the edge.”

Ashcraft always includes product information about Listing Promoter whenever she meets with new clients and even shows them a sample site so that potential clients can get a clear picture of what the product can offer. However, Listing Promoter really shines when Ashcraft is working with an agent on a plan for how to win a premium property. “If I help them win a big one, they will be a client for life.” Ashcraft’s clients love the fact that you can set up a property site and include it as a feature in the Listing Presentation for free. “You only pay for the site if you get the listing.” Because Listing Promoter pulls data from the MLS the process of setting up a property site is quick and easy and it extends the marketing of the property to the web instantly. “The key with Listing Promoter, like any product we promote, is promoting the right product, at the right time, in the right way.”